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I am lucky enough to get to test out and review the CycleRest, an interior bike transport system by the guys at This is probably the coolest product I have reviewed.


Why CycleRest? From “For cyclists that prefer to transport their bike inside the vehicle, there are no current options on the market. Why inside? Because exterior racks can be difficult to use, are custom fit to each vehicle and expensive.
Also valuable bicycles transported outside a vehicle are more at risk for damage and theft.
I love the idea of being able to put my bike “rack” in the glove box of the car! Okay now for the review.

Packaging: The packaging is very minimalist and in my opinion, eco-friendly. The contents are not going to get damaged in shipping and
they are not senselessly crammed in with three pounds of plastic and styrofoam either. I took the pictures with my GPS watch so you can get
a good idea just how small the box and CycleRest truly are.

image (8)image (2)

Contents: Along side the CycleRest you will find some very simple directions. That about sums up the contents of the box! Nice and simple.

image (1)image (5)

Initial Impression: Is this things actually going to hold my bike? Much to my surprise, my bike was EXTREMELY stable in my Honda Pilot cargo area.
More about that in a minute. The CycleRest is quite solid and very well made. Heavy metal was used where necessary, foam padding keeps your headrest
from getting scratched when installing/uninstalling.

image (7)

Installation: Okay so let me just say that I started a cup of coffee in my Keurig, walked to the driveway, unlocked the car, installed the CycleRest and
walked back in the house to find my coffee was literally just done brewing! You simply lay your seat down, clamp the rest on, and you are now ready to “mount”
your bike! With my bike, I had to remove my seat to get it in the cargo area. I am not sure this would be the case for all vehicles.
All in all the installation took about 5 minutes including removing my seat and mounting the bike.

image (3)

image (6)

Usage: There is not much to say about usage per se other than the bike was 100% secure and not a chance of it going anywhere. You can quickly remove it or
just leave it on the headrest. It easily stores in your glovebox,under a seat, door panel pocket etc.

image (4)

Opinion: This is one of the most innovative things I have come across in a long time! Simple, solid, and useful the CycleRest is an
inexpensive alternative to the traditional bike rack. With this system you can transport your bike safely and securely! Safely protected
behind your locked doors and vehicle alarm system!

Where can I get my own?!?: Head over to their site for more details- or check them out on twitter @cycle_rest

Did I miss something? Questions? Additional picture you would like to see? Something you want me to try? Just leave a comment below and I will do my best for you!

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