Miles for Smiles — The Swamp Fox Ultra 211.72 mile adventure

It has been a long time since I have posted anything of any value here, but I am back. After a long battle with Achilles issues, I am finally able to run again and its time to get back into racing. I figured since I was blessed enough to be able to run again, I should do something good with it for once.

That said, I am going to start a bit of a campaign to raise money for Smile Train. A great organization that literally puts smiles on kids faces. I will be looking to get individuals and businesses to pledge money per mile I complete with my friend and fellow running crazy Justin Gomori. I am dubbing it “Miles for Smiles”.

More to come on this later, as I figure out logistics and such.

For some information on the race go here

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For those who don’t know me, I am a bit obsessive and a little competitive. I absolutely love to run long distance. Right now for me anything over 27 miles, I consider long distance. I am sure in the future that will change. I have my heart set on running the Cheat Mountain 50 miler, Western States 100, Hard Rock 100, and for a road race I have the Boston Marathon on my running bucket list.